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Your First #artschool #tutorial for #blender is "Blender 3D card effect - simplified tutorial" by #valdosh on #youtube

and youll be making your FIRST #nft using this skill AND a few others youll need to learn first before we consider buying the NFts you upload using these skills to render mp4 and gif files to mint nfts with, but your works in progress posted to snipverse WILL enjoy many likes from many of us pro and adv members allowing you to earn good $SNIPS juist from posting results of your online snipverse art school lessons!
While normal art schools charge YOU to learn, this one PAYS you to learn and make "cool" or POPULAR art!

(Download Blender FREE here )

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Second Course: #iridescence SHADER by #nathanduck
Blender - Iridescent Material in Blender 2.8
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website -

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