Proton Clownverse

Proton Clownverse

Clowns are taking over $XPR! brhttps://proton.link/pbcbank brhttps://proton.link/circus.xpr

The Proton Clown Circus is a partnership between Proton Baby Clowns and Proton Clown. Proton Baby Clowns are a fully liquid NFT project that's backed by $XPR and $CIRCUS. $CIRCUS has 100m fully minted supply, with 0% inflation and distributed 50% to our sister project Proton Clown.

We set special edition baby clown drop prices to 500 XPR and generic drop prices to 250 XPR. All Clowns are initially sold at auction, and if there are no bidders, are listed at their respective starting bid price. ⚛️

We keep the drop prices low so the chance of flipping our NFTs is higher.

50% of Proton Baby Clown sales go to the $CIRCUS treasury. A portion of Proton Clown sales goes to the circus.xpr treasury (at @AmmerTechnologiesAG's discretion). PBC is @notbob1's project, Proton Clownverse Collectibles (miscellaneous clown NFTs) uses 25% of sales for buybacks on $CIRCUS