Content Posting Policy’s Content Posting Policy

Effective 5-31-2022

Until further notice, the following represents’s current content posting policy.

Main Feed – Content posted to the main Snip feed is to be directly related or have a tie-in to crypto, tokens, NFTs or blockchain technology in general. Members are encouraged to report any content they feel contravenes this policy.

  • While Snipcoins will at time reach out to the writer of a reported snip to permit editing, at this time Snipcoins adjudicates the final determination in regards to permissibility.

  • Note: “Hello”, “How is everyone doing?” and “GM” without any reference to something like “XPR family” or “SNIPS crew” would be in contravention of this policy.

Comments & Replies; Profile Pics & Banners; Story- extends much more latitude to content posted within these components of the site. This latitude for Comments & Replies assumes they transpire under an original post related to either crypto, tokens, NFTs or blockchain technology in general. Profile Pics, Banners & Stories allow for needed personal expression, and, thus, permits these to be personally curated to further their identity and relationships within the platform.

  • While hard to specify exactly what constitutes a breach, if a community member feels the extra latitude granted within Comments/Replies, Profile Pics/Banners and Story has gone too far astray from’s crypto-content ethos, please report for the Snipcoins team to review.

Spam Guidelines

Do not spam the platform, repeat offenders who are reported by community members will have points deducted and/or blacklisted if action continues.

What is considered spam on Snipcoins?

1. Creating numerous snips/posts within minutes apart or over a short period.

2. Creating numerous short snips/posts within minutes apart or over a short period. Example: Snips with 1 to 5 word sentences.

3. Posting the same content numerous times within minutes apart or over a short period.

4. Commenting on numerous snips/posts with random text/comments not related to the topic over a short period.

Please help us keep the platform #SpamFree

Plagiarism Guidelines

1. Any word for word text taken from another writer must be enclosed in quotation marks.

2. Always acknowledge every source used in your post/snip, whether you summarize it, paraphrase it or enclose it in quotations.

3. Always identify the source of the information you share using links, @mention and #Hashtags.

Additional Guidelines

In general, the primary principle Snipcoins would like to encourage is: Treat others with the same respect you would want for yourself. reserves the right to remove comments for content deemed derogatory based on sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, color, national origin, or disability. No name-calling or personal attacks. Do not harass others or joke about tragedies.

Finally, while robust crypto, NFT and blockchain policy conversations and dialogues are absolutely encouraged, Snipcoins does not wish the platform’s content to become political and full of partisan banter.