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Metallicus launches SuchDex, A DOGECOIN Decentralized Trading Platform.

Metallicus launches SuchDex, A DOGECOIN Decentralized Trading Platform Powered by Proton Blockchain.

Proton Loan: Revolutionizing the DeFi Lending Space for a Brighter Financial Future

Discover the revolutionary world of Proton Loan, a next-generation decentralized lending platform that offers a seamless, cost-effective, and user-friendly DeFi borrowing experience. Explore its unique features and learn why it's poised to reshape the future of crypto loans.

Is a DeFi Utopia Possible? What if...

Exploring the idea of DeFi utopia and people putting aside greed and coming together to ensure the success of a DeFi protocol for the good of the protocol, the defi space as a whole and the community.

Ponzinomics as Runway to Utility

Everything is ponzinomic in DeFi in one way or another, however, we've recently been inundated with ponzinomic projects marketing utility without the tokenomics to sustain long enough for them to get there...Let's look at why they can't sustain.

What is a 'defi' and how can you use it in your day-to-day life?

Get Excited About Defi: It's Going to Transform How You Manage Money