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arbitrage time! time to get some cheap snips by rebalancing this new swap pool on @alcor

Snipverse Jervis i suggest we should keep swapping SNIPS to XPR untill the swap price goes towards the protonswap price UNLESS we end up with way more volume on alcor which is possible! then protonswap will be the place we arbitrage! I can totally see the kyc free option of alcor being where millions of dollars end up going into snips for obvious anonymity and security reasons!

A kyc free anonymous dex, thats where my eos and hive friends will go to buy snips...either that or some sort of BSC/eth peg from / / which any dev can setup for us to have a PSNIPS on eth/bsc for Uniswap/Pancakeswap and like TLM or TLOS and its bsc token , it could push us to millions in golume and make it easier for a kucoin/cex listing