The Community DAO: Uniting the Proton Ecosystem and Sparking Creativity

Explore the role of this unique project in bringing together creators, developers, and users, promoting collaboration and development within the Proton blockchain community.

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology, it's crucial to recognize the value of community building and collaboration. Blake Wrobbel, the creator of Proton Skulls, understood the importance of nurturing growth within the Proton ecosystem and founded The Community DAO. This initiative aspires to be the epicenter of the Proton community, uniting creators and developers, promoting the exchange of ideas, and sparking enthusiasm with enticing giveaways. Let's dive into the fervent vision that drives this project and uncover how it's transforming the Proton Blockchain landscape.


The Genesis of The Community DAO


Blake Wrobbel's journey with Proton began in early 2021 when he discovered the promising blockchain project while searching for small-cap coins with high investment potential. Intrigued by Proton's non-custodial wallet, growing community, and innovative products, Blake decided to contribute by creating NFTs. In September 2021, he and his brother started the Proton Skulls collection, marking the beginning of Blake's commitment to community development and fostering a fun environment on Proton. After learning about the origins of The Community DAO, we had the opportunity to further discuss the project's objectives with its founder. When asked about their aspirations, the founder elaborated on the role they envision for The Community DAO within the Proton community:

"My goal is to have The Community DAO serve as a community-hub for Proton. To connect with creators and developers, learn from and contribute to common resources, generate excitement and hype through giveaways, and work together to support projects with high potential. An incubator in a way."


The Driving Force: A Passion for Growth and Collaboration


The idea for The Community DAO was born out of a desire to unite the Proton community during challenging times. With the collapse of FTX and the bear market taking its toll, many Proton users wanted to contribute and help grow the platform. However, they didn't know how or where to begin. Blake saw this as an opportunity to create a space where anyone could contribute to Proton's growth, regardless of their skillset or expertise.


The Community DAO: A Hub for Proton Enthusiasts


The Community DAO serves as a nexus for Proton users, connecting creators, developers, and enthusiasts. By joining the DAO for a $5 membership, members can participate in huge giveaways, vote on how to use the development fund, and even earn $DAOXP by promoting the project as an ambassador. The DAO encourages the creation of helpful content, such as articles and tutorials, to foster a supportive and informed community.


First Quarter Success and Beyond


In its first quarter, The Community DAO raised over $1,150, with more than $500 distributed in XPR and NFT prizes, and $550 allocated to the development fund. Members also had the opportunity to vote on three DAO proposals, democratically shaping the DAO's future. As the project enters its second quarter, it has already raised over $300 and eagerly awaits new proposals that could help Proton flourish.


A Vision for the Future: The Proton Incubator


Blake's ultimate goal for The Community DAO is to create a space where the Proton ecosystem can thrive. By acting as an incubator, the DAO aims to support projects with high potential, enabling creators and developers to learn from one another, access shared resources, and generate hype through giveaways. In essence, The Community DAO is poised to empower the Proton community and contribute to its growth and success.




The Community DAO stands as a testament to the power of community-driven projects in the blockchain sphere. With a passionate vision and a commitment to nurturing growth and collaboration, Blake Wrobbel and The Community DAO are making waves in the Proton ecosystem. By fostering an environment where creativity, knowledge-sharing, and enthusiasm are celebrated, The Community DAO is undoubtedly paving the way for a brighter future on the Proton blockchain.

Note: While putting together this piece, I discovered that the Community DAO plans to reward current stakers of Snipcoins with airdrops of $DAOXP. More information is provided below.


To promote the Snipverse update and $SNIPS staking, The Comunity DAO will use a portion of there Q2 Social Rewards of $DAOXP ($5 million tokens) to Snipverse users who are currently staking $SNIPS.

To earn a share of $5M DAOXP:
1. Copy a screenshot of your account staking page showing your $SNIPS staked on
2. Send the screenshot and your proton @ in the Community DAO telegram -

Links to the work of Blake Wrobbel Headquarters of the Community DAO. Please join to learn more. This is where you can find the creative work of Blake Wrobbel with his Proton Skulls endevor.

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para0rbital 1 y

Reading this makes me think of something: the Proton team are sharks, the Proton community is whales. I like the idea, but by browsing through wallets the situation is rather inverted. Which is killing the idea. Wallets reflect the wrong image - the centralized one.

The team has tons of work to do to correct that. Unless the community can become the sharks. So, the message is - handle with care.

Daniel Abbott 1 y

Great work! Congrats Blake!

x trap 1 y

Awesome article 💯 👏

Rocky 1 y

Lovely! Thank you for introducing hidden gems and talents. Long live snipverse; long live communityDao; long live proton Blockchain.