Why you should be on Storex.io

I recently joined a project that I received an airdrop for last year, Storex.io. It is on beta version and I would like to share what I have learned so far.

On the 30th of April 2022, when I checked my Proton wallet, as WebAuth wallet was called, I noticed a transaction with 20,000 STRX tokens from account @strxairdrop. That was the first time I developed an interest in the Storex project. I went to this account to check it, and I noticed that it first had tokens on the 14th of February 2022, on Valentine’s Day. I also learned of a website where I can stake my airdrop. On the 6th of May 2022, I staked all the 20,000 STRX. I was in a hurry to know how the tokens were going to be used. I joined the Telegraph group but was not that regular in checking the messages.


Fast-forward to October 2023, someone told me of Zealy.io where Storex was running a campaign to keep the community active through a reward system. I checked it and I loved it. If you would like to check it, you can use my invitation link, https://zealy.io/c/storex/invite/o0KtYqY0f_SFJ3EzGwrbO 

  • There are quests that guide you into understanding Storex.io. After registering with the link provided above, go to the “Getting Started” quests.
  • To understand the processes at Storex, there are four articles that I found useful.
  • There are also quests that help you to spread the news to others so that when the project goes live, there is sufficient interest from the public. You are also rewarded for inviting friends into the project.
  • Storex.io is in beta now, so other tasks that are done daily and weekly assist in testing the Storex.io for bugs and capacity.
  • As a content creator, I appreciated the quests that encouraged me to write articles and make posts on Storex.
  • So far, I am of level 22 and have been paid STRX four times (on levels 5, 10, 15, and 20). I am looking forward to reaching level 25 for a big payout.


Here is what I learned so far about Storex:

  • It is an e-commerce marketplace where you can be a seller, a buyer or both.
  • It caters for big and small merchants, even individuals.
  • You can sell products or services on the website. Products can be new, used or even those that need repairing after buying. The merchant declares the condition of the product sold.
  • Storex provides escrow protection to those who need it. That one was a plus for me because there are disputes are common where products are not what they were promised to be. The arbitration process is not centrally controlled but involves other users who have staked their STRX. This process makes the process fair and transparent.
  • Storex is powered by blockchain, thereby increasing the transparency and integrity of transactions.
  • Payment is done with popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, XPR and others. Payments where the transaction does not require escrow get into the seller’s wallet immediately. Where escrow is needed payments are made after the customer has indicated that they are satisfied with the product.
  • There is an option of doing a KYC so that those transacting with you know that you are who you say you are.
  • The cherry on the top for me is the free transactions for buyers and low transaction fees for sellers.


I hope to see you in the project soon. Don’t forget to click the link I gave out.

Bolelang Rakeepile

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