Redefines Social Media for the Crypto Community:A Revolution in Web3 Interaction, the pioneering web3 social media platform, is poised to reshape the landscape of online interactions for crypto enthusiasts and projects alike.

In a world saturated with traditional social media, stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a secure, transparent, and rewarding environment for users to connect, share knowledge, and earn rewards for their content contributions.


A Tailored Platform for Crypto Enthusiasts and Projects

Unlike generic social media platforms, is designed exclusively for the crypto community. It caters to the unique needs of crypto enthusiasts, businesses, blockchain projects, NFT creators, influencers, and content creators, offering a dedicated space for discussions, news updates, project launches, and collaboration opportunities.


The Power of XPR Network Integration leverages the XPR network as its foundation, providing a scalable and secure environment for storing user data. XPR network's advanced technology ensures the integrity and privacy of the platform, safeguarding user interactions and data.

The platform also integrates XPR network's WebAuth wallet technology, revolutionizing user authentication by eliminating traditional usernames and passwords. This innovation significantly reduces the risk of hacking and impersonation, creating a bot-free environment.


Rewards for Quality Contributions

At the core of is its revolutionary reward system. Users earn Snipcoins (SNIPS), the platform's native utility token, for sharing valuable insights, participating in discussions, promoting projects, and providing meaningful feedback. This incentivizes active engagement and encourages the sharing of quality content.


A Platform for Collaboration and Networking fosters collaboration and networking within the crypto space. Users can connect with like-minded individuals, explore partnership opportunities, and build relationships with projects and influencers. This approach encourages collaboration and strengthens the overall ecosystem.


Community Governance and Evolution

The platform implements a community-driven governance model. Token holders with ADV membership status can vote and actively participate in shaping the platform's future. This ensures that decisions align with the community's interests and values, creating a platform that evolves based on consensus.


Join the Snipverse Revolution's beta version is already live and functional. Users can access and use the platform at to experience the future of crypto-focused social media.


About Snipverse is a web3 social media platform designed specifically for crypto enthusiasts and projects. It leverages XPR network technology and the native utility token, Snipcoins (SNIPS), to create a decentralized and rewarding ecosystem that fosters knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and growth within the crypto space.


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