Do not compare yourself to others

And how that could ruin your trading /investing goals

In many aspects of life we aways what to be the best , or at least to get where the best are at.
And there should be nothing wrong with that, right? Or is it?

When it comes to investing and trading comparing yourself with others could lead you to
a lot of problems and bad decisions. Today I will try to cover a few :

➢ Comparing with someone having larger funds or bigger portfolio is often leading you to the point of taking uneccessary high risks

- using high leverage
- taking loans in order to by high volatility assets
- putting at risk money which you can not afford to lose
- Compare yourself and your financial state only with the past.

➢ Your mental and emotional state and why you should care about that.

- You CAN NOT take control of your emotions, you are just a human. What you could do is not to cause yourself emotions.
- Remember : Bad decisions - Fear/Greed - Bad decisions
- Avoid comparing and competitions and just follow the rulles

➢ Sometimes if you rush you are getting there slowly but with trading and investing if you rush you may NEVER get there.

- Expecting fast results is another aspect we should avoid, because it could also lead to bad decisions and very poor risk management.
- It is a cliche but focusing on the process instead of the results is crucial here.
- Cold mind over emotions , education over hope. You have to develop that and it does take time.


Beati Paoli

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