The top 5 reasons to invest in NFT'S

There are many reasons to invest in NFT's, but some of the most compelling reasons include the following:

What is an NFT?



NFTs are a new type of digital asset that allows for more trustless, tamper-proof, and transparent transactions than traditional cryptocurrencies. NFTs can be used to create products or services on the blockchain, as well as store tokens that represent ownership in a given product or service.

They are essentially tokens that represent ownership of an asset or service. NFTs can be used to track ownership, transfer assets, and execute contracts.

As you have seen recently in 2022 as Protonchain grows in populariy, many people have come on board to create their very own NFT project to get a piece of the pie.

One of the most popular and early adopters is Crypto fennecs.

I have been investing into $XPR since early 2021 and saw this project start on the proton NFT marketplace then switch over to Proton mint.

I highly suggest taking a look at Proton Drop Bears on Proton Mint.

If you get the chance purchase one and be apart of the growing community.


How to buy an NFT?

If you're thinking about buying an NFT, here's what to know.
1. You need a wallet that can handle NFTs. This can be a desktop or mobile wallet, but make sure it's compatible with the NFT protocol you want to use.
2. You need to find an NFT provider. There are a few popular providers, but there are plenty of lesser-known ones too.
3. Choose the correct blockhain, the options are growing with Ethereum, ADA, Solana and of course Proton.

4. Connect your wallet to an NFT website and browse through, find one you like then purchase it.


How do I make money with NFT's?

NFTs are digital assets that can be used to represent any kind of asset. They're created using blockchain technology and allow for secure, instant transactions. There are a number of ways to make money with NFTs, including trading, mining, and creating applications on the platform. NFTs are a promising financial innovation that could have a major impact on the way we use money online.

If you get in early or find a project with a decent community, strong team and strong social commitment you can "APE IN".

Though don't be a degen.

Do your own research.

Not every NFT project will make you money. Take a good look at the age of the project and the floor price, also the resale value of the NFTs.


Make profit by Flipping NFTs

There is a new trend in the NFT world and it's called flipping. Flipping means exchanging a NFT for another coin or token. This is done with the hope of making a profit. The reason people are flipping NFT's is because they believe that the price of these assets will go up in the future. There are risks involved with flipping coins and NFT's, but there are also rewards.

You can get in on a new project, buy low get in early and resell.

You can also get in on an established project like our own Proton Drop Bears, purchase, then flip it for profit a few weeks later.



You can either hodl (hold in your wallet) and get paid back in rolayties, or you can stake your NFT and earn coins.

You would have seen this recently with the airdrop of Apecoin to BAYC (bored ape yacht club holders).

By holding their NFT's many people make over 6 figures overnight.

Many new projects on Protonchain are currently only giving back in USDC to holders.

This is where Proton Drop Bears differs.

We are creating a new coin on protonchain, which we will airdrop to holders of our NFT's.

With the current price of proton sitting around 0.02, our coin has the potential to be HUGE, making all of our beloved NFT holders rich.


What is a crypto airdrop when holding an NFT in your wallet?


Cryptocurrency airdrops are a popular way for new cryptocurrency projects to distribute their tokens to the public. They work by giving users free tokens in exchange for holding a certain amount of the project’s native currency. Airdrops can be a great way to get people interested in your project, and can help build a community around it.

When holding an NFT the project can potentially give you crypto just for holding it.

Airdrops usually involve giving away a certain number of new coins or tokens to people who sign up for an account on a website or download a certain app. They are also commonly used to reward supporters of new cryptocurrencies.

In this scenario, airdropping crypto coins to holders is a way to increase the value of your NFT.

This is the big selling point of holding a Proton Drop Bear.

Our PDB coin on Protonchain will be released to holders at the end of 2022.

So get it now if you can, the more you hold, the more coins will get airdropped into your proton wallet.




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