Proposal for Snipverse Live Music/DDating/Live Streaming/Fashion/Gaming Network (ROUGH DRAFT #1)

Imagine a Snipverse future where the website has user profiles that allow us to buy custom plugin widgets from a snipverse widget store, widges that can display full 3d metaverse and golive IRL augemnted reality overlay games, and a plugin/dapp store, with live snipverse user radio like winamp shoutcast, and decentralized hive style live streaming channels and TTS/MEDIA crypto donations, and it also all has ads that support artists, evenc uration rewards to fund a date or group date, and game stores, with custom model markets, the ability to find and date people in the dapp and live stream it and PROFIT while you also wear custom Fashion designed/purchased/sold on snipverse. The entire social dating fashion 3d NFT AR gaming metaverse IRL live streaming network DAO can be heaven for blockchain users!




We could have AR 3d model windows, boxes, inside our snipverse profiles or groups, and it can be part fo a whole custom snipverse widget plugin store users can apply to create and sell custom plugins/widgets for your profile, to REALLy customize it and have baller games and a3d art and proton enabled webauth clickable 3d worlds and metaverse inside snipverse, for ADV members!


Then you would show up to a custom snipverse proton @ddate group date event with a live music show after the amc groupon experience, all funded with ddate dao curation and live streaming so, you let peopel fund yoru date and they get paid back with live stream curation, so when two peopel want to go on live dates to fund them they get PAID to do so, of if made private theyc an still pay back curators who donate $20 to $100 or more on a match when they all thinmk you would make a cute couple, and then as youer dating posst and relationship grows, their bet on you as ac couple pays off and they will earn curation rewards for their upvote/earnings/staking share, basically a tip coming from your claimed rewards allows larger accoiunts to share what they make with peopel liek like/tip and this way theyc an get that money back with curation with a dating escrow curator bot or system in the future


The idea of having games that show up while you live stream on your profile, in augmented realkity allos us tobring in the blender unreal engine group to intregrate as youll be able to ASK your live streamer audience LIVE to go to glbdex and type in a request whgen they add this future feature, and theyd be able to within a few mins if they payu enough, order an artist on standbye at all times to generate a custom weapon or item they could then purchase and sed to the live streamers streama nd instantly then add it to their game as an in game item or ship they can all see if watching his live stream and the creator of the 3d model would get royalties connected to the Snipverse LIVE golive TTS and media donation coming in as programmable XPR or SNIPS. 

We can have these games showing up ON our profiles. and it can all be done Relatively EASILY by snipverse HTML front end team! not some pie in teh sky metaverse dream, no this is all REAL stuff we can start NOW! hahaha at least i mean, adding a little widget for 3d model viewers ! Or a 3d game widget, altho it will be a lot fo work to ahve a whole STORE for games that show up in snipverse, but we can start with a series of mini games that let you win tiny amounts of snips, funded by ads playing in the embedded box!


Imagine we have 3d games inside the browser, inside th front end, with live music playing in background for snipverse radio, and ads playing that help pay the musicians whose music is features, it will eb so crazy,

such a rich ecosystem financially sound etc with people getting groupon type deals on live music events to have snipverse dating , SNIPVERSE GROUP DATING! so we can all hangout in real life in New york and LA and Austin texas and Miami, and have Snipverse meetups, using a snipverse meetup group, and Live stream it all, when the snipverse go live feature restreams through streamlabs for donations , where we rent venues, go on group dates, use nfts as tickets, wear the fashion we helped design and have these fashion gifts for our dastes so we can match, and go live streaming all of it for extra monetization that could honestky pay for it all and make teenagers and 20-30 somethings lives so incredibly fun in the next 2-5 years. With the funding of EOS which i think proton/snips can get, we COULD develop ALL of this into snipverse and in fact I thinkl they are already close anyway doing that with what little they relatively have to work with! Its iomopressive and they deserve more! its time to Invest in snipverse after we show teh world what it CAN become with infographics like this 

live stream it on snipverse, restreams to youtube and twitch, peopel actually dating through the dapp! Wel will be going on GROUP DDATES, to see snipverse artist live music events at venues rented by snipverse venues, and all wearing snipverse fashion paid for by earings and nft sales, i have a whole system in my head a whole universe. a Snip verse if you will. ⏰BREAK TIEM FOR ME ⏰⚛️I WILL EXPLAIN THIS in a snip with Voice! the SNIPVERSE ARTS MUSIC CULTRUE FASHION DATING network rough draft proposal! ⚛️©️?


Imagine these sneakers sold on a widget of your snipverse page with a 3d rotating view from the embeddable sketchfab widget code anyoen can paste into an HTML site, but those widgets should be only for ADV members who also pay $5 to $10 to add each one maybe so theyre paying to add custom NFT treal estate to their profile except it is real html code embedable widgets that do things liek allow peopel to view aon onft they just bought in 3d or play a game in that window or so much more
Customizing your embedded 3d model – Sketchfab Help Center

(add this SKETCHFAB EMBEDD HTML as an option for ADV members, you pay an extra 10,000 SNIPS after u are AVD and u can turn on 3d sketchfab embed html viewer so u can load up your account files and display any 3d models and eventually full games IN YOUR OWN snipverse profile)

ROyalties opportunities aside, and skipping all teh amzing snipvberse radio and Go live audio and video commercials with music from actual snipverse artists, its still amazing to talk nd think about the DATING and FASHION and metalpay/ visa amalgamation of already existing companies and tools you can USE TODAY to start earhning on snipverse, proton, and ddate and get da ddate organized AMC group date movie night maybe even at a tesla drive in theatre, regardless just imagine the amzing proton venus rented by proton music or snipverse audio, snipverse music live, snipverse for musicians, with live rvenue rentals, group ticket groupon type deals, fund raisers to rent a big concertt hall or night club for a thousand or so dollars, i can imagine it now in downtown san diego, we will have a local venue night club all promoting snipverse, rented out with snipverse logos all over hanging from the walls, with snipverse t shirt crews and peopel with custom fashion from snipverse hanging out handing out physical papers with hologrms and nft and XPR/SNIPS qr claim codes and numbers theyc an just type into telegramor their emaila nd get tokens sent or tipped to them to withdraw later withoiut even needing a proton account,


well end up getting everyone on webauth at the club and in real life places wheer our snipverse fashion members will be live streaming making xpr and snips and gettinbg nft donations! ! And theyll all be making NFTs with special ai 3d glb market dex AR dapps that make incredible 3d nft art out of a panorama video of an actual live nightclub music show adding the music in all licesned later, it will be great, we will all be looking and feeling good while we make money! The curation systems from steem/hive and Live streaming donations from youtube/streamlabs will give us all the funding we need to do things liek group dating parties and live music events and the organizationof MASSIVE RAVES and parties USING SNIPVERSE as the organizer and sponsor welling ALL TICKETS ad proton NFTS for snipverse users ADV users getting special discounts and VIP access to the artists! Protonswap/alcor coudl easily raise the money for the first ever Blocckhain Music Festival for proton and Snipverse



I just want to keep explaining this stuff to you all who already know my style... i could always make a nicer article late BUT THIS is a burst of ideas to explain the ultimate DDATE group dating visa enabled live streaming powered and DAO funded nft experiemce, where snipverse makes you a web developer master of games and your profile rolls out teh red carpet to cool peoepl who match your likes and offers at one point plane tickets and hotel fair for winners of games prizes LLive streaming auditions, and custom fashion as well, for those whales who purchase millions even8 100Million or more tokens we could create a beautoul system for themt o help the newer users in teh future at $0.01 and $0.10 snip price, the most wonderful time

I can just imagine being a new user or being an older established use4r, and how fun it will be for both parties to have this ddate enabled snipverse profile that has a live streaming system to hangout in these Mobile RVs that live stream on snipverse twitch and youtube eearning crypto currency to play peopels music and talk crap, having fun making jokes lieke a live comedy network, (I even know andy dick for example got to talk to him thanks to my time on a live streaming youtube RV with thousands of live views, even had a house party with 7000$ in donations!) The point is with the live streaming and live art we can also design our own fashion have our own NFT brands clothes and show up to thesegroup dates dripping in custom proton ethereum avax snipverse fashion and have our custom websites to show peopel as we take out the nft that we show to a bartender to get free drinsk porepaid by a card credited to our account, Oh whats that one of our advertising campaigns has paid off, we just got $100, well drinks onme! Ohi just sold an NFT of our experience and showing off thsi ddate match, someoen curated our date for $100 to bsidcally pay for it, now when we release the live stream and we get donations that guy gets paid back and we still get profit, yeah the future if desined by me could be heaven 




Using proton NFT ticket sales, snipverse can Sponsor AND ORGANIZE MASSIVE RAVES and burning man lite style music festivals around the USA, Snipverse party organizer and event planner parties USING SNIPVERSE as the organizer and sponsor will sell ALL TICKETS as proton NFTS. Snipverse ADV users can get discounts on special VIP access to the artists(They can pay with agreeing to just beneficiate untill paid off, all their near future earnings from photos they post of themselves and teh famous artist!)

! Protonswap/alcor could easily raise the money for the first ever Blockhain Music Festival for proton and Snipverse, where we attle trade show for all the proton projects, it could be somewhere in the desert around slab city around los angeles etc, we can have an NFT buying event to buy nfts of all teh users who need plane tickets/hotels/or can rent rvs and let snipverse users sleep in them liek 12 to an rv for just a few nights or bring tents :) The whole event can have a lot of big names if we raise enough money using nfts, and snips, and people will want to buy an ADV membership if they get a higher chance to get back stage or VIP acces :)


A great way to show off all the proton snipverse tech for nft tickets, live streaming, donations, proton snipversemusic, nfts for live video events to capture meoments etc, i see it all as possible on prot9on and snipverse now. 

(this is just draft 1 i wi9ll fix errors and retype later just have to get it up! ) 


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